September 10, 2015

Bell Bottoms

 Bellbottoms6 Bellbottoms2Bellbottoms5BellBottoms

Photographed by François-Xavier

Express bell bottoms, Rails Top, Ray Ban Sunglasses, Loeffler Randall Bag.

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September 3, 2015

Girls Night In

After a long week of work and social outings, it’s nice to stay in and invite the girls over for movie night. I’m all about home cooked meals and at home pampering. Here’s what I do to prep the face before using a home remedy face mask…


After you wash and dry your face, I like to clean up using Bioré Pore Strips. These Limited Edition Deep Cleansing Pore Strips get deep down into pores to remove dirt and oil and have cute graphic prints which make them fun to use.


Next, the face mask. I found great face mask remedies you can make at home on this wonderful blog called My favorite face mask from their site is the Avocado Honey Mask. It’s pretty simple, here are some things that you will need.

Step 1- Mash avocados to a fine creamy texture and add honey and coconut oil to it. Step 2- Apply it all over your face and keep for 15 minutes until dry. Wash off with warm water and dab dry with a towel. Step 3- I always like to finish things off with a super hydrating face oil mixed in with a regular face moisturizer. Enjoy!

Photographed by Arianna Sharfman and sponsored by Bioré®
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August 22, 2015

Date Night – Ted Baker


I’m loving this ensemble by Ted Baker. Perfect for a date night or cocktail party.

TedB4TedB3TedB5_edited-1tedB7TedB6_edited-1 TedB

Photographed by Arianna Sharfman

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