Kitchen Revelry


Congratulations to the very talented Ali Larter for the release of her new cookbook “Kitchen Revelry!” The launch party took place during cocktail hour at the beautiful Sunset Tower Hotel. The food served at the party were all items from her new cookbook! Everything was finger licking good. Check her new book out here.

Jamie-Chung-Photos_-Ali-Larters-Kitchen-Revelry-cookbook-launch--07-560x841 Jamie-Chung-Photos_-Ali-Larters-Kitchen-Revelry-cookbook-launch--08-560x814

Shop my look! Anne Taylor Skirt, Parker Top, Coach Heels , Clutch by Gerard Darel, Cuff by Robyn Rhodes.

Photographs by John Sciulli

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  1. Miso Mi (Ali Ken B)

    Alright! I’m gonna buy a horn, apron, and everything!!

    I can finally look like her!! (Wait…) You know what I mean & you know what they say, “Beautiful Women, Beautiful Food.”. And, ANY woman with food is beautiful to me because I can’t cook!
    I’m such a horrible cook, when women see me they ask, “What’s bacon baby?”
    (How do they know?)

    Yeah, let me take a look at the book. Got a feeling I’m gonna need it…

  2. Miso Mi (Ali Ken B)

    Was gonna put: “You look RAVISHING” but I don’t wanna get a knock on my door…

    (Knock, Knock)

    “Are you ‘THE RAVISHER’? We wanna talk to you!!

  3. Ben Luken

    Quick question: Is the young lady in the last pic (on left) Lymari Nadal from AMERICAN GANGSTER?
    Talk about a melting pot !!
    I’m getting all stirred up now!

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