The Heart Truth Fashion Show 2013

This past Spring I was invited to participate in the Heart Truth Fashion Show. The Heart Truth is a great event because it puts real women on the runway to help spread awareness of Heart Disease. Did you know that Heart Disease is the number one killer of women? Women Unite! This campaign increasing awareness of their personal risk factors for heart disease and empowering them to take healthy steps to reduce their risk. Here’s a quick peek behind the scenes of this great fashion show!


Below: the very public Hair and Makeup room

IMG_5858 IMG_5860 IMG_5862 IMG_5863

There was literally a team of 6+ people assigned to each woman for prep! A whirlwind of hair, makeup, manicures and wardrobe. Talk about multitasking!


Dress was a bit long, but I didn’t trip!!!!! Phew. I was sweating it.

red-dress-mercedes-fashion-week-8 INFphoto_2421783_1 

Wendy Williams, Jillian Michaels, Minka Kelly, Tori Braxton, Kelly Osbourne, The Jenner’s, Gabrielle Douglas, Roselyn Sanchez all worked the runway for this great event.


Wouldn’t of been able to do this alone. A special thanks to my patient friend, photographer/lovely date for the evening Linda.

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  1. Meso Mee

    Good cause, great pics! Yay 4 Linda!!
    (Heartbreak, Heartache, Heart Disease. None of it is good (Male or Female; Especially as a combo!!)

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